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  Livestock Hauling Factoring 1 (888) 331-3839 Livestock hauling factoring is available to carriers (no sole-proprietorship) with well-experienced management and a strong client base, and subject to certain criteria, for example: We treat livestock hauling factoring deals like any other trucking factoring deal There might be certain issues when our customer is dealing with produce under the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act ( PACA ) There could be a problem if the trucker is delivering livestock on a sale that is subject to payment Or the trucker is a distributor or middleman and there are concerns such as the farmer getting paid for his livestock If our customer is just hauling the livestock like any other load and has other non-livestock loads to factor, there should be no problems We also look at personal credit and debtor credit This is an affiliate program with a team of freight factoring professionals that are experts on the cash flow issues that trucking and transportation