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How satisfied are you with your existing freight factoring company?

There are many options available to trucking companies, options that you may not know are being offered by your current trucking factor. So if you are unhappy with your existing trucking factor, before putting too much time and efforts in searching for a new factoring company, just give your current trucking factor a call and tell them what you want, they could be offering options that you may not be aware they have and all it would take is just a quick phone call.  You can also compare their product with what we can offer, which includes: Up to 97% advances on freight bills Non-recourse freight factoring (Up to $5 million) Factoring facilities up to $35 million (For larger carriers) Competitive rates and flexible term Fuel Card for added convenience and savings at the pump Free load board to help you have full loads on each trip Complete online account management Perform free credit checks on your customers 24/7 Simple application to funding process And m