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Maintaining Your Transport Company In Full Compliance

The US Department of Transportation has certainly kept up with enforcement -- in the last few days it has shut down two bus companies, one Illinois based and the other a Mexican based operating in the U.S., both because of their drivers and vehicles posing an imminent hazard to public safety.  And in the last few weeks it has either fined or shut down a number of other carriers.  Public safety and regulatory compliance are priorities, why risk being shut down? If revenues are tight, talk to a financial expert that specializes in helping trucking and transportation companies, there should be financial options to help carriers keep up their fleet and operation in full compliance.  If you are a carrier that needs help and would like us to find someone that can possible assist, please send us an email . PLEASE SUPPORT THE VICTIMS OF THE OKLAHOMA DISASTER - CLICK

Transportation Statistics

The Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported last Wednesday on the February report on U.S.-NAFTA Freight Flows by All Modes of Transportation,  and of the $88.4 billion of transported freight in February 2013 between (NAFTA) partners, trucks transported the most at 59.1%. rail transport came in second at 15.3%, then Vessel at 9.7%, with Pipeline at 7.7%. Other and Unknown at 4.6% and Air transport last at 3.6%. Click to read the full report .