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Are Truckers Freedom Being Taken Away

Washington Post. By Lydia DePillis - December 24 A new federal regulation is making truckers feel as if their freedom is being taken away. Under final rules published this month, more than three million drivers have until the end of 2017 to buy and install an “electronic logging device” that connects to their engines and broadcasts their speed and location to the shipper, replacing the log sheet that truckers have kept for decades. CLICK FOR THE FULL STORY


Freight factoring for startup truckers and the small to larger trucking and transportation companies and freight brokers in the United States and Canada.  Freight factoring starts as low as $5,000.00 and as high as $15 million a month for those carriers who need larger advances on their freight bills with rates and terms taht are very competitives. Our sponsor strives to beat their competitors by earning your business with not only low rates and high advances on freight bills but also excellence in customer service and an application and funding process that is simple and straightforward.  Apply online at any time at GET STARTED BASIC CRITERIA Minimum: $5,000 Maximum: $15 Million (availability as you grow) Advances:  On average 92% (As high as 95% on a case by case basis) Rates: Very competitive

Livestock Factoring

Livestock hauling factoring is available to haulers subject to certain criteria. For example, we treat livestock hauling factoring deals like any other trucking factoring deal. There might be certain issues when our customer is either dealing with produce (PACA) or if the trucker is a distributor or middleman and there are concerns such as the farmer getting paid for his livestock. If our customer is just hauling the livestock load like any other carrier, there should not be problems or additional complications. Our team of freight factoring professionals are experts on the cash flow issues that livestock trucking and transportation companies and carriers in the United States and Canada face on a daily basis. We have a freight funding program that is very competitive and tailored specifically to fit the financial requirements of truckers, it offers quick funding solutions, low rates and high advances on invoices/freight bills. We can fund clients with smaller needs starting at $2


We are pleased to introduce the FactoringApp.  Freight factoring at your fingertips! DOWNLOAD THE FACTORING AP FOR YOUR iPHONE | iOS Requires 7.0.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone FOR YOUR ANDROID | Android Requires Android 4.1.1 or later. Compatible with Android phones.

Samsung Safety Truck works to make trucks transparent

Getting stuck behind a slow-moving truck on a one-lane road is never fun. You can't see what's ahead. You could pass the truck, but is there enough room? Samsung's "Safety Truck" might be the solution. It uses a wireless camera on the truck's front grille, which connects to four displays on the rear of the truck. Vehicles behind the truck can see if another car is approaching (even in the dark), and pass the truck when the coast is clear. Take a look at the YouTube video:

Self-Driving Semis

Freightliner, which has a driver-less truck in operation was recently granted a license by the state of Nevada to test drive it on their public highways. What is the insurance industry's take on it, and most importantly what are truckers saying about it?

Is freight factoring right for you?

Freight factoring is an essential funding tool for trucking and transportation companies. It eases the company's financial tension by advancing funds on net 30-60 and even 90 day freight invoices. With freight factoring, the strengths are in the quality of your customers/receivables and the company's ability to generate eligible sales - not time in business or financial condition. And, with freight factoring you are not creating debt. Start the simple process at


Below from one of our members are freight factoring terms for trucking and transportation companies that are very competitive: RATES: 1.00% for 30 days on $200,000 a month minimum or 1.25% on facilities starting at $100,000.  Great pricing and terms on 90-day invoices ADVANCES: Up to 92.5% ALSO AVAILABLE: “Net Funds Employed” funding program for those clients that do not fully utilize their facility Simple and straightforward qualifying process Start the simple funding process at

Freight Factoring For Large Trucking Companies

(By Blog Contributor) Is it really becoming more difficult for the larger trucking companies to find a reliable freight factoring company?  A lot of the national factoring companies are limited on advances to $2,000,000 - $3,000,000, unless of course, you're a bank, but then you are going to face the bank's qualifying criteria, which may make it difficult for the struggling carrier to qualify. Actually, it is not that bad, we found that there are many factoring companies that are advancing as much as $10,000,000, and although qualifying criteria get's tighter on higher advances, the focus still remains on the creditworthiness of the customer, so larger carriers and those that are struggling should not have a problem finding a reliable freight factoring company.

Freight Factoring For Start-Up Truckers

You are building your trucking business - bought your first truck, got your insurance and received your authorization with little amounts of money here and there from family and friends, along with a strong will and firm determination, the hard work paid off, now you have secured your first load, but where is the money coming from for operating and living expenses?  In most cases in order to remain competitive you have to invoice your customers on a 10-15 days net, and in some cases the customer may take 30, 60 or 90 days to pay, if you go to the bank for an advance on that freight bill/invoice it is likely that they will say NO!  They want a seasoned well established company with strong financials as a customer.  It is frustrating for startups to find the funding they need to operate and grow when banks are constantly saying no. However, the fact is that there is plenty of money available for start-up truckers, and you can get advances on your freight bills/invoices without a lot o