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Trucking Market News

How is the trucking community reacting to the current economic environment?  Irrespective of financial market conditions including the decline in gold prices, trucking continues to recover and in fact expand in many sectors, as an example, recently reported on the heavy truck manufacturing industry, although still recovering, is on the right track with orders staying above 20,000 a month.

Starting A Trucking Company

Starting a trucking company can be very challenging, more so than most other businesses, on this week's posting we are including a couple of helpful links that may help with the formation of a trucking business. How to Calculate Startup Costs for a Trucking Company Grants to Start a Trucking Company

Jobless Numbers Roller-Coaster Ride

Last week the jobless numbers gave us a roller-coaster ride which ended the stock market's 4-day high, ending the week at a slight loss. The trucking industry however, should continue sustaining itself and with the gradual growth of our economy truck driving and transportation jobs should not be affected.

The Transportation Sector Appears To Be Carrying Its Own

The transportation sector appears to be carrying its own, and even though we are seeing fluctuation in the DOW transportation index, we think it will maintain gradual growth. Our economy should also continue with its slow recovery, however, we do need to keep and eye on job creation, only 88,000 Jobs in March were created compared to 268,000 the previous month, and even though the unemployment rate came down to 7.6%, that seems to be as a direct result of 500,000 of the unemployed actually giving up and dropping out of the job market, certainly not good news! We also have to be concern with the economic situation in Europe, if it does not stabilizes, we can see a reversal of our recovery due to a trickle down effect.

Are truckers seeing an increase in loads?

Are truckers seeing an increase in loads?  The economic picture is suggesting just that, and with the expansion of the manufacturing sector and diesel fuel cost still declining, the trucking and transportation industry is on forward motion. There is plenty of money to fund economic expansion and increased loads, trucking factors are making it easier for truckers to get cash quickly on their loads with loosen funding criteria and fuel advances.   Let us know what you think?