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Solving Cash Flow Problems Quickly!

Carriers and freight brokers that are waiting to get paid on invoices should consider freight factoring.  Freight factoring is one of the quickest methods for trucking companies and freight brokers to solve cash flow problems. Factoring is converting your freight bills / invoices for cash, thus allowing your company to receive the needed capital quickly, not weeks or months from now.  It does not require additional collateral and does not create debt. No more waiting 30 to 90 days or longer for customers to pay your freight bills, used by almost every industry, factoring allows companies including startups to raise the needed funding quickly, and with factoring you are not creating debt. THE FREIGTH FACTORING PRODUCT OFFER THE FOLLOWING ADVANTAGES Advances up to 97% Non-recourse freight factoring (Up to $5 million) Factoring facilities from $10,000 to $35 million Fuel Card for added convenience and savings at the pump Free load board to help you have full loa